Würkner-Personal-Weapon-Lock (short: WPW-Lock) is a new method for personalization of weapons, thus binding the functions of a weapon to a person (smart gun). The special of this solution is, that it can be done in a purely mechanical manner, thus reliability is entailed as it is generally valid for weapons, as no electronics is needed. In addition, the safety of the everyday use of the weapon is increased significantly as any dropped weapon is always secured and locked automatically..


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Ing. Mag. Gerald Würkner
2551 Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn

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This email address is not a mystery but should make me accessible for human visitors to this page, but not for robots, spyders and similar net-bugs. If you still need some help: My first name is "gerald", my last name is spelled without the umlaut "wuerkner" and this domain is "wpw-lock.net".

Other projects by me:

WTW - Würkner Trackwheel - Anti-skid and traction aid for tires
(Substitute for snow chains)