Würkner-Personal-Weapon-Lock (short: WPW-Lock) is a new method for personalization of weapons, thus binding the functions of a weapon to a person (smart gun). The special of this solution is, that it can be done in a purely mechanical manner, thus reliability is entailed as it is generally valid for weapons, as no electronics is needed. In addition, the safety of the everyday use of the weapon is increased significantly as any dropped weapon is always secured and locked automatically..

Dear visitors! This page will seem likely to be somewhat puzzling. It is only a matter of patent law. Since my development additional to the central invention includes a number of other inventions that I did not have patented because this would have been disproportionate, I have published this web page on 20.09.2012 on this domain and consequently documented this publication and its survival here. This makes the part of my invention, which is not included in the claims, and thus is not under the protection of a patent right, to prior art, and thus can not be patented by someone else any more. It is therefore purely formal legal aspects and the way it is done is primarily to exclude any misunderstanding and any misinterpretation. If you do not quite understand, but are interested in this, please ask about the deeper background a patent attorney. To the actual topic you will find nothing of interest here.

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